Janitorial Services

How clean is your workplace looking?

Some people don’t give good cleaning the credit it deserves. We find that many employees of the businesses we serve don’t really understand or acknowledge what goes into this service. But you can be sure that when West Coast Commercial Cleaning is asked to do a job, we recognize exactly what goes into it. We understand that we are performing a vital role in the running of your business and how it is presented to the public. In this sense we treat all businesses exactly the same. It doesn’t matter whether you oversee the running of a shopping complex or are in a workspace that the public doesn’t enter. We can guarantee that we will give each and every task the same degree of professional attention and dedication no matter where it is. That’s what makes West Coast Commercial Cleaning one of the most successful commercial cleaning companies in the Bay Area.

Why choose us?

We focus on you; the customer and your individual needs. We also apply our experience and actively add to our knowledge whenever possible. We are committed to meeting every one of your needs. We are more than just a cleaning company. We work with you to ensure that your building always looks the best it possibly can. And studies show that clean and well maintained workspaces increase employee productivity and decrease employee turnover and sick days.

West Coast Commercial Cleaning provides each client:

  • A commitment to quality at all times
  • Experienced staff members who receive regular training
  • Monthly surveys that allow us to monitor how we are performing
  • Direct access to managers and executives

For more information on our customized cleaning services or to request a personalized estimate, call us at (925) 552-5326. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.